WNM801 Summer 2010

Group Directed Study in Usability/User Experience

Instructor: Kathleen Watson

Module 1
Thesis Project Work Assessment/Scope
Executive Summary of Thesis Project

Module 2
Requirement Analysis
  • Survey
  • Problem Identification and Defnition
  • Target Audience
  • Competitive Analysis
  • MATRIX Analysis

Module 3
SSNIF Analysis

Module 4
Creation of the content inventory of your thesis project.

Module 5
Review strategies for developing the conceptual design of the project.
Generation of my own graphical mind map.

Module 6
Use cases/tasks
Flow diagrams

Module 7
Navigation systems
Flow diagrams improvements

Module 8
Information Architecture

Module 9
Visual competitive analysis by finding at least five (5) different visual styles of Web or other interactive products that would inspire the visual design of my Thesis Project.
Creation of mood board.

Module 10
Creation of page-flow sequence plan
  • Identification of critical tasks in the project.
  • Sketches for pages in order for the target user to complete the tasks.

Creation of storyboards, wireframes and sketching

Module 11
Paper prototype for the up and coming usability evaluation session.

Module 12
Paper prototype usability testing.
Refinements - changes for:
  • Target audience
  • Information architecture
  • Content Inventory

Module 13
Creation of wire frames based on at least 5 common and complicated tasks.

Module 14
Updates wire frames for the user interface design.
Creation of the project plan for my thesis project.

Module 15
Final presentation of the specifications, wireframes and the project plan.